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01.22 Murdoc Glass x Controlled Substances


01.22 Murdoc Glass x Controlled Substances

” I’m very excited and honored to finally release my next body of work with all you!!!

“Controlled Substances” is an event showcasing solo and collaborative pieces directly inspired by mind altering chemicals that have influenced my life or the artist I’m working with in a positive way!🙏 It’s been really great to share this idea with the artist involved and hear their excitement and ideas for these pieces, along with share a few laughs!!! The event is hosted by Vincent Oley of @exploreglassgallery and myself!!! I’m super grateful for Vinny. He will be organizing the VIP and private dinner, along with just keeping me on the grinding wheel so I can ball out.🦾 I secured a great spot at @thesourcedenver and the private dinner will be served by only the best @temakiden!!! I really feel like this was a seed I planted over 2 years ago and it’s a great feeling to see the flowers starting to form!!! I’m honored to share this moment with you so please come share the experience with me if you can!!! More info on VIP coming soon, enjoy your evening and thank you everyone for the continued support!!!Flyer created by the very talented @skiegraphicstudio 🥂#murdocglass#controlled#substances#thesource#temakiden#solo#collabrative#glassart#inspiredby#chemical#structures#denver
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