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01.15 Michael Cherman x P.P.A Market


01.15 Michael Cherman x P.P.A Market

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” Ever since I first got into plant collecting, the one thing that always rung true was how the plant community welcomed new comers with open arms. I’ve become friends with people young and old and fostered life-long friendships thru our collective love of plants. @roberts_pots reached out to me last month with a big idea of bringing together the community at his own event, this conversation birthed the first ever P.P.A. MA®KET – Plants, Pots & Art all in a one-day flea market style event bringing together our favorite plant collectors, ceramic artisans, vintage, home goods and more

On Saturday, January 15th we invite you to Eagle Rock, CA for the first ever P.P.A. Event, as part of an on going series entitled “MARKET BY MARKET” with events big and small, for the people by the people.

See ya’ll after the holidays. 🙂

*yes, I accidentally made a typo. It’s PLANTS, POTS & ART. 😂 “

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