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XX.XX MariMed x Emack & Bolio’s Infused Weed Gelato


XX.XX MariMed x Emack & Bolio’s Infused Weed Gelato

🪴 Release Date TBD

MariMed and the ice cream magicians at Emack & Bolio’s will create a line-up of cannabis-infused vegan and dairy ice cream in outrageous flavors. The ice cream will contain MariMed’s superior formulations that include the same full spectrum of natural cannabinoids and terpenes from whole plants as are used in MariMed’s award-winning brands, such as Betty’s Eddies™ and K Fusion™.

This innovative new category of cannabis products is expected to debut in Massachusetts this year, followed by launches in other legal cannabis markets.

Emack & Bolio’s was founded in 1975 by Boston music attorney Bob Rook as a place for his rock star clients to satisfy their midnight munchies after their late-night gigs. Aerosmith, Boston, U2, James Brown and The Cars were some of the groups Rook worked with back in the day. Emack & Bolio’s has evolved into a cult favorite in Massachusetts and in stores around the world.

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