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‘NOT FOR EVERYONE’ x Cannabiscapes

Congratulations, you secured our first drop!

At Hybrid, we curate the most exciting, innovative and above all authentic experiences cannabis has to offer. You discover & enjoy. Simple as that.

We pay respect to all those who have laid the foundations for a box like this. The ones that cultivated fire, created the classic strains, trapped, advocated & educated - some of them locked away for honoring the plant. Cannabis went from β€œwho do you know” to IPOs in the blink of an eye. Now more than ever, OG cannabis culture needs a home where its legacy can live on.

Special honors to Greg Welch (@Cannabiscapes) for supporting this vision and our team from Day 1. This box is just the beginning. It’s our gift to you, our canvas for the culture.

With love (and great bud),
Say high πŸ‘‹ to Caleb from Connected Cannabis Co. 🌴
Connected Cannabis Co. x Biscotti

Gelato #25 x Sour Florida OG

23.47% THC

Connected Cannabis Co. x Gelonade

Gelato #41 x Lemon Tree

30.07% THC

Say high πŸ‘‹ to Eddie from Lobo Cannagar 🐺 ft. Cannaquake πŸŒ‹
Lobo Cannagar x Cannaquake Presidente

Grape Quake

2G flower + live resin

Say high πŸ‘‹ to
Pure Beauty πŸ‘€
Pure Beauty x
Little Strong Drink

Concord Grape

100 mg THC

Say high πŸ‘‹ to
Dose of Saucy 🀠
Dose of Saucy x
BBQ Sauce

BBQ Sauce


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